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Name of project:

Geological and geochemical mapping of Trans-Altai Gobi on the scale of 1:200000

Project sponzor: Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic and Development Agency of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Contractor: GEOMIN company Jihlava

Project manager: Jiří Šourek

Counterpart organizations:

  • Office of Geological Investigation, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Central Geological Laboratory, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Geological Information Center, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Geological Institute of Academy of Science, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Co-operating institutions:

  • Czech Geological Survey
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University, Prague

Project duration: 1999 – 2003

Project was funded in the frame of program of Czech Development Aid from the budget of the Czech Republic.



The aim of project was to evaluate basic geological information on geological structure, ore potential and hydrogeology conditions of Trans-Altai Gobi territory located within south-east Mongolia and having surface 36 015 km2. The field part of project consisted of geological and geochemical mapping of area covered by nine map sheets 1:200 000 and estimation of raw material potential, mainly of ore, of this territory.

Localization of Mapping Area



In total 5 827 alluvial samples, 7 294 silt samples, 407 samples for major oxides content analyses, 13 samples for age determination, 1278 samples for petrology study, 111 paleontologic samples and 286 samples for mineralogical analysis have been collected in the frame of this project. Besides total γ-activity and content of U, Th and K have been measured at each sampling site with portable γ-spectrometer.

Besides regional sampling detailed survey of selected areas have been carried out – 15 areas with showings of gold, platinum and base metals. All above mentioned data have been evaluated and interpreted.



The main output of project is comprehensive final report comprising large set of following maps on the scale of 1:200 000 compiled for each map sheet :
  • geological map
  • structural-tectonic map
  • geomorphological (exodynamic) map
  • map of distribution of selected heavy minerals from alluvial samples
  • map of geochemical anomalies in fine fraction of alluvial samples
  • map of geochemical anomalies in silt samples
  • radiometric map
  • hydrologic map
  • map of ore indicators (showings)
  • prognostic map of raw materials
Geological map

Besides detailed geological and geochemical maps of 15 selected areas have been also elaborated.






Finding of dinosaurian bones

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